2 eggs.

A pinch of salt.


Virgin olive oil.

Sweet anise or white wine.

300 grams of flour.

8 grams of baking powder.

1/2 liter of milk.

Cinnamon powder or branch (3 units).

1 lemon.


1. First of all, mix the already beaten eggs with the milk, the yeast, the cinnamon and three strips of the lemon rind without the white.

2.Next, add a little salt and a little sweet anise or white wine. Then, mix all the ingredients well.

3.Now, add the flour little by little while beating. The dough must be thin. It shouldn't be too thin or too thick. Once finished, let the dough rest for about half an hour.

4. To prepare the Crepes, add a little olive oil to the pan. When hot, add the pancake batter to the extent that it covers the saucepan. The layer must be thin. When it is golden, turn it over.

5.Once the process is complete, the crepe is removed from the pan, sprinkled with sugar and placed on a plate. As the crepes are made, they are placed one on top of the other to keep the heat.


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