4 lbs of braid
Killa is laying 140 grams
Killa of egg ghee
A pinch of salt. Lavani water and flower water, 

method of preparation

We mix a frina for a moment, like a pinch of salt, put a hole in the middle, put some ghee and an egg, we put salt, with a scoop of white vinegar, knead it with salt water.
For kneading and mayina for toriq
Tureq way
Each piece we sweeten in a rectangular shape with the Maizina is good from a distance, we sprinkle it with a good amount of Maizina, step it on a pair, and leave it aside, and then we solve another ball with the same process, and then we put it on the solved piece, if not we sprinkle it again with the budget, we hate it with the rest of the pieces and then continue. We serve 8 layers below and 8 layers above between each 4 layers of rollin, we add 4 layers of ghee, we add 4 more layers, we fill with nuts, no cocoa, it contains cinnamon and sugar (3 kilos of nuts, half nuts, a kilo of sugar) we sprinkle it with flowering water to love the flavor of almonds, you buy the almond perfume, empty the filling, we complete 4 layers on top of the stuffing and we add it with Ghee, we increased 4 more and more. An extra unit, we leave it for decorating as you like, any shape you like, you can paint the face with ghee, it's good to put it in immediately, no kushha, cook it from underneath, before you see it, it's a donkey, its stuff from above, and it's done.
Other than taking it out, empty it with cold honey while it is hot, and leave it at least 24 hours and a thousand health

Two cups of flour
Egg whites
Half a spoonful of ghee
A little vinegar and water, it will not be moist, just add more flour on your eyes and sweeten it, God willing.
I pasted them with egg whites, a point in half, and a almond, I pasted it with it, the most important thing is to put it in half, so that the frying does not start to be stained with it


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